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An association of municipal,
private and religious cemeteries
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
Western Canada Cemetery Association

The Western Canada Cemetery Association (WCCA) is an organization of municipal, private and religious cemeteries throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, including affiliate members.

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2019 Annual Conference
The 2019 WCCA Annual Conference will be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan September 2019.

WCCA Scholarship to attend ICCFA University
The WCCA Board is pleased to offer the scholarship to attend the 2019 International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association University (ICCFAU) in Memphis, Tennessee from July 19-24, 2019.  The $4000 scholarship should be enough funds to cover your tuituion (almost all the meals are included in your tuition), hotel accommodations and flight.  Check out www.iccfa.com for more information about the 8 different colleges.
Contact administration@westerncemtery.com to receive an application form or Click the link to download the application

WCCA - ICCFA University Scholarship Application
DEADLINE for applications is Feburary 23, 2019


WCCA Calendar 
The 2019 WCCA Calendars have been mailed to all the WCCA Members
If you did not receive your calendar or would like an additional copy, please email administration@westerncemetery.com
REMEMBER - If you would like to have your cemetery pictures in the 2020 Calendar, send your high resolution photos to administration@westerncemetery.com by September 30, 2019



WCCA Award of Merit
Do you have someone who works in your cemetery that goes about and beyond on a regular basis?  
Or have they influenced the beauty or safety of your cemetery?  Then we want to hear from you.
The purpose of this award is to honor and recognize the people who work and care for our cemeteries
as much as we do.  Tell us about your star employee, click here for more information or
Contact administration@westerncemetery.com






WCCA contact information

The mailing address for WCCA is:
Western Canada Cemetery Association
Box 31008 RPO Broadway & Taylor
Saskatoon, SK S7H 5S8

Call the Administration at
or email us