Our Code of Ethics

Following are excerpts from the WCCA Code of Ethics that define association members:


  • Cemeterians observe the highest ethical standards and make the public interest their primary concern.
  • Cemeterians are respectful in their demeanor when dealing with families, funeral directors, or other workers.
  • Cemeterians are aware of the rules and regulations of the cemetery and apply them fairly.
  • Cemeterians are aware of the relevant acts, regulations, and provincial legislation.
  • Cemeterians do not accept any gift, commission or reward, nor grant special consideration that would not be offered to all.
  • Cemeterians treat all private information they may have access to in a confidential manner.
  • Cemeterians are familiar with all facets of cemetery operation, occupational health and safety regulations, and security measures as they apply to their environment.
  • Cemeterians provide equal treatment to all people.