WCCA Membership

Membership values

Membership cost/benefit ratios are very favourable as the WCCA offers cemeterians at all levels (management/forepersons, field crew) and suppliers alike the following membership values:

For Cemeterians

  • Direct access to fellow members by name, position, contact information, to share/gain "free" knowledge of issues and/or opportunities generic to small or large cemetery facilities/operations.
  • Direct access to current cemetery happenings/trends within the Western Association and across Canada, through the WCCA website.
  • One-on-one contacts can be made readily through the WCCA and by attending the WCCA's Conference and Trade Show annually, in a province near you, a true extension of Western hospitality and camaraderie, and relevant information for those providing after death facilities and services.
  • Push button access to a current/active association website designed to keep members informed, or by providing contact access to individuals, corporations, municipalities and provincial agencies, which can best enlighten a member regarding their specific inquiry - through their provincial Director who will guide you appropriately toward or through Provincial Cemetery Legislation/Regulations. Such help is always prompt because the WCCA Executive and Administration are structured to accommodate fast turn around on inquiries.
  • Education opportunities are formalized as well; the WCCA offers a tri-provincial PowerPoint program about your cemetery', geared especially toward owners/operators of smaller cemetery facilities and operations.
  • Access, via the WCCA website, to information of interest for all members with experiences and insights gleaned directly from WCCA members who share their knowledge, interests and awareness of our special professional services with fellow members. (All members are invited to participate).
  • Direct access to members of a range of cemetery operations including municipal, corporate for profit, not-for-profit board-run, religious facilities of a large nature to small operations (in terms of land base, numbers of annual interments, revenue streams etc.).
  • Access and insights into cemetery legislation, regulations, bylaws, safety procedures, pricing schedules etc.
  • Membership in an association of individuals comprised of varied cemetery professionals, directors, industry partners with like goals to best provide cemetery clientele appropriate services and facilities through liaison, networking access, sharing, learning and implementing knowledge gained in this special business of cemeteries.

For Suppliers

  • Direct interface with cemeterian members as potential clients for respective services and products.
  • Camaraderie of annual conference activities and respective opportunity to build appropriate fellowships and relationships in an educational format.
  • Direct access to WCCA privileged website information to learn what's current within the prairie provinces.
  • Access to provincial WCCA Directors to stay connected with this special service profession and "what's hot / what's not" within each of the prairie provinces.
  • Definitive exposure to prospective clients in annual conference setting and by way of the WCCA website.

About membership

2020 Membership Renewal

Please remember that 2020 membership fees are due by April 1, 2020. Forms have been sent out to all members.

2020 Non-Cemetery Member Renewal

Please remember that 2020 fees are due by April 1, 2020.

New Members

You can apply or inquire about membership by doing one of the following:

Contact the WCCA Administrator at administration@westerncemetery.com;

Contact one of the WCCA Board Members; or

Print and complete the membership application and email it to administration@westerncemetery.com.